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Pent Roof Sheds Manchester

Pent Roof Sheds Manchester

Manchester Sheds produce a range of Pent Roof ( Single Sloping Roof ) Garden Sheds available in a selection of stock and bespoke designs.

Cederwood sheds Manchester

Cedar Wood Sheds

Manchester Sheds also manufacture a great range of Cedar Wood Sheds in UK - CedarWood comes from a family of Hardwood timbers yet is a soft to the touch .It is much more expensive compared to its softwood relations and in the reign 3 times the price - so not cheap by any means but an option. 

Wendy Houses Manchester

Wendy Play Houses

Manchester Sheds have been offering a good selection of wooden Play Houses and Kids Dens for over 20 years. Check out our range .

Manchester Sheds

City Sheds Liverpool

City Centre Sheds based in Liverpool are our parent company offering the widest selection of Timber Garden Buildings in UK .

Manchester Cabins

Liverpool Log Cabins

With the ever increasing trend for out door living we now work in conjunction with www.liverpoolcabins.co.uk to offer you a selection of over 1600 stock Interlocking Cabins and Studios . Full Bespoke , Custom made service also available

Timber Workshops

Garden Workshops

Heavy Duty Timber Workshops are our speciality , made from extra thick 22mm T+G double that of most sheds , you will be sure to get a building that lasts and stand up to a bitof knocking around

Manchester Sheds offer Great Selection of Quality Garden Buildings all at the right Price!

Manchester Sheds has No Fancy Sales People - Simply a great range of good Quality value for Money Timber Garden Buildings.

Manchester Sheds provide you with a selection of Buildings view in our Liverpool Showroom.

Our website is straightforward to use - the Price Includes Delivery* / Erection / Treatment - That simple - The price you see is what you Pay!

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Send us an email with your requirements and if we can make it we will quote you.

If we can not we will tell you so and advise the best place to get it from...
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Integrating your shed into the landscape

Sheds are great. They are extra storage where you most need it, a place to keep dirty tools and bikes secure and safe and for some people they are a refuge from the hectic household and somewhere they can tend to their green fingered desires in peace and quiet. But let`s face it, sheds are not the nicest things to look at. In fact, in many gardens where they have lain untreated for many years, they can be barely short of an eyesore.

If your shed is a blot on the otherwise tranquil landscape of your garden, you may be looking for ways to integrate your shed better into the overall look and feel of your garden. Luckily there are a number of effective remedies to ugly shed syndrome, so here are some suggestions to get your shed looking tip top and keeping your garden beautiful.

Start off by cleaning the thing. You would be surprised at what a difference it can make just to clean the windows and hose off grime and gunk from the walls and roof. Once it is clean you will be able to see what sort of condition it is in and unless it is a very new shed, chances are you will need to repair or replace some of the timbers to get it back up to standard. Check the hinges, catches and locks too and consider painting these with a metal paint to get them looking their best again.

Once you have sorted the shed out you can think about painting it. Try not to go for outlandish colours or very bold, unnatural shades. If your house is painted, you could consider continuing the colour theme to your shed to tie the look of your home and garden together. Alternatively colours like dark greens and medium browns blend in to the garden landscape well and will make the shed less obvious on the eyes as you look around the garden.

Adding some nice trims to your shed can bring it into line with the rest of your home area. Ornate wooden or metal finishing`s to the roof, windows and doors can modernise your shed and make it look much more attractive. Consider painting these in a complementary colour to the main shed for a contemporary, funky look.

Plant some taller trees or bushes close to the shed to help soften the hard lines of the sides and corners. Potted plants around the front wall with taller potted plants such as grasses and reeds at the sides can help disguise the shed to some extent and landscape it into the surrounding planted areas.

If you really want to minimise the impact of your shed on the naked eye, consider going for a green roof which will allow you to plant wildflowers and grasses over the roof of your shed, making it look like a more organic part of the garden. If the hassle and expense of planting up a green roof does not appeal, consider some perfect, maintenance free grass from artificialgrasssuppliersuk.com as a way to put your shed right back into the garden.

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